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We overcome your industry’s IT challenges, so you can build stronger connections with your clients.

TopBox works with many nonprofit organizations to deploy technology solutions that make the most of their budgets and give them the best return on investment. Our goal is to help our nonprofit clients improve their operations, so that they can focus on what is really important—raising awareness and resources for their mission. Non-profit organizations are seeking to achieve and sustain high performance on a budget; to do more with less. 


Commercial real estate firms operate in a highly regulated and continuously changing industry. These firms are increasingly reliant on a solid technology platform that fosters easy and secure communication with clients. An IT infrastructure that enables you and your team to be as lightweight and mobile as possible will give you a competitive advantage. This is where TopBox comes in. TopBox helps firms keep up with the highly competitive nature of this industry by providing a competitive edge with technology.


Law firms are entrusted with vast amounts of highly confidential information. Clients rely on your firm to not only make the best use of it, but to have a system in place to properly manage and maintain personal data. TopBox Solutions implements the appropriate tools and resources to secure client data and protect confidential information. The fast-paced and detail-oriented environment of a legal practice requires current technology solutions that enable lawyers and staff to stay focused on the case, not on an IT issue.


Media-specific businesses, such as marketing, advertising, PR, communications, and graphic design firms, rely heavily on their IT infrastructure to successfully meet deadlines and complete projects. Obtaining and retaining clients in these highly competitive industries requires firms to have a strategic IT partner, as well as a robust IT infrastructure that will keep them on top of deadlines and projects. We understand that revenue is generated as a result of communication and on-time deliverables.

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